Polish guitarist, composer, and teacher.


ANDRZEJ KRAUZOWICZ - Polish guitarist, composer, and teacher.
He was born in the city Nowy Targ, which is the center of the mountain region called "Podhale". He comes from a family with musical traditions and a father who used to play violin. Krauzowicz had studied in the Instrumental Department in Cracow, where, as a student, he used to play in for multiple jazz bands. Post graduation he started to work for the Philharmonic. After a personal meeting with the master of guitar, N. Yepes, Krauzowicz took serious interest in playing classical guitar. However, a decisive influence, which made him change the instrument he played, was Andres Segovia's art of playing. In the 70s Andrew Krauzowicz become a teacher in music school before he made his first attempts at musical composition. It wasn't until 1986 that he created pieces which gained acceptance and were suitable for publishing. The author has written music from the bottom of his heart for nearly 40 years. During that time many of his works have been published and information about them may be found on the cover of each edition.